the 2024 hengda electric "dragon soaring tiger leaping, creating brilliance together" annual conference was successfully held-新利体育


the 2024 hengda electric "dragon soaring tiger leaping, creating brilliance together" annual conference was successfully held

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riding the wind and breaking the waves to achieve excellence, continuing the past and opening up the future to continue glory.

on the evening of january 27, 2024, the 2024 new year's eve party of wuxi hengda electric motor co., ltd. was successfully held.

dragon leaping and tiger leaping, jade dragon presenting auspiciousness, purple energy coming from the east, everything is renewed! say goodbye to the unforgettable year of 2023 and welcome a brand new year of 2024; looking back on the road of struggle, looking forward to a new future! on the evening of january 27, 2024, the welcome party and award ceremony of wuxi hengda electric motor co., ltd. were grandly held at the wuxi junlai shizun hotel!

say goodbye to the fruitful year of 2023 and welcome a hopeful year of 2024. in the past year, the market has been sluggish and competition has been fierce. with the joint efforts of all employees, we have overcome obstacles and achieved impressive results. this is the result of everyone working together and working together.

youth and enterprise soar together, talent and enterprise strive together. the opening speech of the evening party was delivered by mr. xing yi, the general manager: looking back on 2023, we have experienced an extraordinary year. we have been on the road, on the road of struggle, and on the road of hard work, we are sprinkled with sweat and passion. we have overcome one difficulty after another, achieved one result after another, utilized the crisis to accelerate transformation, achieved a turnaround in the business situation, and are constantly exploring and developing. tonight, we gather together to celebrate and look forward to the new journey of hengda electric in 2024.


today's achievements are not only driven by the strategic leadership of general manager xing peiliang, but also by the outstanding skills of all core elite leadership teams. they are professional, knowledgeable, wise, diligent, and humble. they participate in the formulation of development strategies, strategize, and work together to lead and climb to new heights. for this reason, the company has presented awards to the 2023 production model, quality model, improvement model, progressive employees, advanced workers and collectives. with honor and honor, the award-winning employees have received the company's heavy recognition in gratitude. after a year of hard work and hard work, they have finally achieved their dreams today. in the future, they will work even harder and climb the peak step by step.


subsequently, li chao, the representative of outstanding employees, gave a speech: thank you to the company for providing us with a development stage, which allows us to continuously learn and improve. our efforts will pay off, and we feel immensely proud and happy to be employees of hengda.


in the warm toast of general manager xing peiliang, the grand annual banquet officially kicked off. the wonderful performances prepared by the guests at the banquet took turns, featuring a series of exciting performances such as bands, soloists, choruses, and instruments. the content was rich and diverse, presenting a rich audio-visual feast for the audience, winning continuous applause and screams from the audience.



the entire annual meeting came to a successful conclusion in a harmonious, warm, passionate, and joyful atmosphere, showcasing the energetic, positive, and united spirit of hengda employees. looking back on 2023, we worked together, worked hard, and achieved common success. looking forward to 2024, we have the same goals, full of confidence, and we look forward to a more brilliant tomorrow together.