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from september 15 to 16, 2023, as a member unit of the association, wuxi hengda electric machinery co., ltd. participated in the 3rd member conference of the 9th shanghai electric machinery industry association and the 5th management (supervision) meeting of the 9th shanghai electric machinery industry association, hosted by the shanghai electric machinery industry association and co organized by the deyang national economic and technological development zone. it was successfully held in deyang, sichuan, the source of ancient shu and the capital of intelligent manufacturing.

the conference was presided over by tao minqiang, secretary general of the association. more than 80 leaders and experts from association member units, research institutes, and research institutes from shanghai, the yangtze river delta region, fujian, shandong, liaoning, guangxi, and other regions attended the conference.

the convening of the conference has received attention and strong support from the local government. liu cheng, the second level inspector of the people's government of deyang city, sichuan province, delivered a speech at the meeting. he warmly welcomed all guests from afar and vigorously promoted the good investment environment that is suitable for business and living in deyang. he eagerly looked forward to entrepreneurs coming to deyang for in-depth investigation and investment development.

president sun minglun of the shanghai electric machinery industry association delivered a report on the work of the 5th council of the 9th session of the association, titled "striving forward for another year, carrying forward the past and opening up a new path" to the conference. emphasis was placed on the review of the association's work in 2022, the first half of 2023, and the focus of 2023. the efforts made by the association in building an important platform for industry and enterprise development in the post pandemic period were fully recognized, demonstrating the continuous exploration of member enterprises in accelerating intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation and upgrading. at the same time, in-depth analysis and outlook were made on the future development trend of the motor industry. the detailed data and professional presentation have boosted the confidence of member enterprises and yielded full rewards.

the chairman of the association, xie en, presented the "work report of the ninth and fifth board of supervisors" to the conference, reporting that the association's supervisors have conscientiously fulfilled the various work responsibilities assigned by the association's articles of association, actively played a supervisory role, strengthened prior and in-process supervision of various work, and carried out five main tasks in 2022. in 2023, they have continuously improved the political quality and professional level of the members of the board of supervisors around the central service overall situation, strengthen responsibility and take on three main tasks to be completed.

the current macroeconomic operation is facing new difficulties and challenges, with many uncertain factors both domestically and internationally. under the overall tone of the national work of "seeking progress while maintaining stability", how to perceive the trends of the macro environment for enterprises in the motor industry and achieve their own growth model transformation is the topic of greatest concern for entrepreneurs today.

the association specially invited researcher sheng yi, former vice president of the sichuan academy of social sciences, to give a speech on "judgments on the current economic situation and future trends" for the conference. starting from four hot topics, this article elucidates how high the growth rate of china's economy can still maintain, analyzes what new changes may occur in the domestic and external economic environment, and where are the driving forces supporting economic growth? what aspects will china focus on to maintain stable growth. the specific analysis is of great guiding significance for our member units to identify macro trends and lay out corporate strategies.

as a motor industry association, it has always been an important task for the association to take measures to help member enterprises expand their export trade.

in response to the difficulties and pain points faced by motor companies in their current domestic and foreign trade operations, the association invited professor shen yuliang, a researcher at the world economic research institute of the shanghai academy of social sciences, to give a special report on the "analysis of trade trends and development trends of motor products" at the conference. professor shen first analyzed the changes and characteristics of china's entire goods trade in 2023, and then analyzed the trade trends and characteristics of china's motor products from january to july 2022 and 2023. he then identified three basic characteristics of motor products and identified the three basic factors that affect motor product trade. finally, he made three basic judgments on the direction and development trend of motor trade in 2024. the report has clear hierarchy and strong logic, which has important reference value for foreign trade enterprises.


the association not only focuses on analyzing the internal and external situations faced by the motor industry, but also pays attention to the technological innovation and development trends of the motor industry.

axial flux motor, as a new type of high-efficiency motor, has higher efficiency, smaller volume, and lighter weight compared to traditional motors. however, due to its emerging technology and high manufacturing difficulty, there are not many manufacturers specializing in producing axial flux motors worldwide.

the association specially invited chairman hu maoshang of suzhou zhenhe motor technology co., ltd. to give a special exchange speech on "application and future prospects of axial flux motors", sharing the exploration and experience of the enterprise in this field. hu dong emphasized the three advantages, six application fields, and actual usage scenarios of axial flux motors, showcasing their applications and future prospects in high-efficiency, lightweight, flattened, intelligent motors, and the development trend of new energy vehicles, making everyone feel the charm of technological innovation.

the council and supervisory board held at the same time also completed their respective agendas in accordance with the association's articles of association and procedures.

during the conference, the association also organized representatives to visit dongfang electric group dongfang electric motor co., ltd., dongfang electric (deyang) motor technology co., ltd., sichuan yingjie electric co., ltd., and deyang national economic and technological development zone.

the epidemic has ended, the uncertain black swan has flown away, and a series of mainstream trend changes are beginning to return to the right track. we should fully realize that some grey rhinoceros are taking place, embrace change, and realize self evolution. finally, we will become a new supply force in the new era.

let everyone walk far and join hands to embark on a new journey.


this time, xing yi, deputy general manager of hengda electric, and zhang jiong, senior engineer, attended the meeting and carefully listened to the expert reports of various experts, and had in-depth exchanges with industry peers. after the meeting, xing yi stated that this trip to deyang was worth listening to and learning from. in the future, hengda electric will carefully study the valuable experience shared by experts and peers, learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, and continuously strive to achieve higher quality development of hengda electric.