permanent magnet synchronous motor-新利体育

technical characteristics

frame range


power range


rated voltage


rated torque


rated speed


protection degree


cooling modeic70w、ic71winsulation classf
operation modes1installation modeb3、b5、b35、v1
wiring modey

permanent magnet direct drive motor

this series of motors have good torque performance, large low-speed torque, small low-speed vibration, small motor starting current and running current, and strong overload capacity; low speed and high torque operation eliminates the reducer, directly drives the load, simplifies the structure and improves the corresponding speed of the system; high efficiency and energy saving, saving power by 10% ~ 15% compared with the existing transmission mode; the number of motor poles is large. according to different requirements, the design number of motor poles is between 12 poles and 64 poles, and the motor runs smoothly at low speed; various motor shapes can be changed according to needs, and can be made into horizontal, vertical, double shaft extension, hollow shaft and spline shaft extension; the driver is centrally installed in the box, which plays the role of installation protection for the actuator and can adapt to different environments. the box contains circuit breaker, instrument indicator light, button, wiring terminal, etc.

operating conditions
  • -15°c~ 40°c
    ambient air temperature
  • ≤90% (at25°c时)
    monthly average maximum relative humidity of ambient air
  • ≤1km
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