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pre festival safety production inspection of wangzhuang street during the "may 1st" festival

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on april 26, 2022, director jiao kehan, director li xiaofeng and section chief zhao gang of wangzhuang street, xinwu district led a team to conduct a major safety production inspection of wuxi hengda motor co., ltd. before the "may 1st" festival.


xing peiliang, the general manager of the company, reported the safety production work of hengda to the street leaders. so far, there have been no major safety accidents and environmental pollution accidents in the development of the company. according to the safety management of the street, the company has strictly done a good job in safety risk assessment and on-site potential safety hazards investigation, so as to meet the requirements of safety first and safe production.


the street leaders learned about the production situation and influence scope of the enterprise under the epidemic situation from hengda, affirmed the safety and epidemic prevention work of hengda during the epidemic situation, and expressed satisfaction with the overall safety management work of hengda on site. it is hoped that hengda will make persistent efforts, adhere to real investigation and treatment, deeply investigate the key dangerous areas and hidden dangers of key problems of the enterprise, promote the fundamental elimination of hidden dangers, fundamentally solve problems and prevent safety accidents.