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a method for finding the causes of vibration in three phase asynchronous motors

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as one of the commonly used motors in industry and households, the normal operation of three-phase asynchronous motors is the foundation for ensuring the normal operation of equipment. however, sometimes we may encounter problems with excessive motor vibration, which not only affects the normal operation of the equipment, but may also lead to equipment damage or premature lifespan. therefore, it is very important to understand and identify the causes of vibration in three-phase asynchronous motors. the following will introduce several common search methods.


1、 check the installation of the motor. the installation position, fixing method, and connection between the motor and the equipment may all have an impact on vibration. during the inspection process, it should be ensured that the motor is correctly aligned with the equipment and appropriate fixing methods should be adopted, such as using suitable bolts for fastening. at the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the motor base is flat and whether there are any issues such as looseness or deformation. if any installation defects or problems are found, make timely adjustments and make improvements.

2、 check the balance of the motor. poor rotor balance of an electric motor is one of the common causes of vibration. the balance of the motor rotor can be detected through a dynamic balance instrument or static balance method. if an imbalance problem is found in the rotor, corresponding balancing measures can be taken, such as adding counterweights, trimming blades, etc.

3、 check the motor bearings. wear or damage to motor bearings may also cause vibration. during the inspection process, the bearing status can be preliminarily determined by observing whether there is abnormal noise or temperature rise in the bearing. for situations that require more accurate judgment, vibration analysis can be conducted using equipment such as vibration measuring instruments to determine whether bearings need to be replaced or repaired.

4、 check for faults in the motor fan and housing. the detachment, deformation, or contamination of fan blades can cause uneven air flow, leading to vibration. at the same time, the looseness or damage of the motor casing may also lead to increased vibration. therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the status of these parts during inspection and promptly repair or replace them.

5、 check the power supply system. the quality and stability of the power supply of an electric motor have a significant impact on its vibration. problems such as high or low voltage, frequency fluctuations, and power line noise can all cause motor vibration. the power supply can be tested and analyzed through tools such as voltage testers and spectrographs. if there are any problems, they should be promptly contacted and resolved by the power department.

in summary, the search for the cause of vibration in three-phase asynchronous motors requires comprehensive consideration of multiple aspects. conduct comprehensive analysis and inspection from multiple aspects such as installation status, balance, bearing status, fans and casings, and power supply system to identify the root cause of vibration. only through systematic search methods can motor vibration problems be detected and resolved in a timely manner, ensuring the normal operation and service life of the equipment.