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what are the advantages of high-efficiency motors?

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compared with ordinary motors, the average energy consumption of high-efficiency motors is reduced by about 20%, while that of ultra-high-efficiency motors is more than 30% less than that of ordinary motors. the price of high-efficiency motors is about 15%~30% higher than that of ordinary series motors. however, in general, the investment of high-efficiency motor is higher than that of ordinary motor and can be recovered within 2 years, which can save electricity for enterprises in the whole life cycle.

according to the editor, at present, china's industrial power consumption is the main component of social power consumption, and motor energy consumption plays a major role in industrial power consumption. therefore, the energy saving potential of motors in the future is huge. efficient and energy-saving technology and equipment will be a very important link.

according to the limited values of energy efficiency and energy conservation evaluation of medium and small three-phase asynchronous motors, china divides the energy efficiency of motors into three levels: the first level of energy efficiency is ultra-high efficiency motor, the second level of energy efficiency is high efficiency motor, and the third level of energy efficiency is ordinary motor.

according to the research report on industrialization approaches and countermeasures of motor speed regulation technology, 66% of china's total power generation is consumed by motors, and the operating efficiency of various types of motors is 10%~20% lower than the foreign advanced level.

because the frequency converter can adjust the speed of the motor in real time according to the actual needs, it can make the motor operate at the energy-saving speed, can greatly reduce the power consumption during light load operation, and then significantly reduce the comprehensive power consumption of the motor operation. the energy-saving effect is obvious, the general energy-saving rate is 20% - 30%, the maximum even more than 50%, and the investment payback period is generally about 2 years.

there are two main ways to improve the operation efficiency of the motor. the first is to improve the operating efficiency of ac motor through frequency converter speed regulation; the second is to use high-efficiency motors. therefore, in terms of energy-saving equipment, the scale of high-voltage inverter market and high-efficiency motor market should not be underestimated.