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the grand ceremony of 2022 hengda motor annual meeting was successfully held

2022-01-29 12:56:40source:

the song curls to bid farewell to the old year and dance to celebrate the new year.

on the evening of january 28, 2022, the welcome party of wuxi hengda motor co., ltd. was successfully held.

bid farewell to 2021, which has made great achievements, and usher in 2022, which is full of hope. in the past year, the industry fluctuated rapidly and the market competition was fierce. with the joint efforts of all employees, we overcame difficulties and obstacles all the way and achieved an impressive performance of 420 million. this is the result of our concerted efforts and unity.

at the party, the representatives of the main departments of the company made annual work summary, new product technology exchange and new annual planning report. then mr. xing peiliang, the general manager, commended and awarded the old employees who have been more than 15 years. finally, general manager xing gave important instructions for the work in 2022. the wonderful scene and climax of the party made the employees gain a warmth while tasting delicious food, and deeply feel the deep care and blessing from the company.


at the beginning of the banquet, pan xiao, the representative of the sales department, spoke on the stage, reported the brilliant sales performance in 2021, and displayed the sales market blueprint of hengda in 2022; then, zhang yu and zhang jiong, the representatives of the technology department, and hong zewei, the process director, held technical and process exchanges respectively to show you the new products, technologies and processes launched in 2021; high quality is the lifeline of enterprise development. product quality plays a very important role in enterprise development. finally, chen zhongyuan, minister of quality, made a report on hengda's 2022 quality management plan. after listening to the speeches of the above representative departments, everyone is full of expectation and confidence in the development of hengda motor in 2022.


founded in 2000, hengda has a group of people who have been paying silently for the development of hengda and left all their youth and sweat to hengda. at the party, mr. xing peiliang, the general manager, personally came to the stage to commend and award the old employees who have been working for more than 15 years. finally, president xing sent new year red envelopes to all the employees present and received new year greetings from the company. everyone was full of warmth in their hearts.


the party lasted more than 2 hours, with wonderful reports and wonderful songs... everyone was intoxicated with it. on the wonderful occasion, the leaders also sang on the stage one after another, and the passionate singing set off a climax of the scene. good times are always short. finally, xu hao, a sales elite, sang a song "love to fight will win", which ended the party in this wonderful song.


in 2022, hengda motor will continue to work hard and create brilliance!