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understand variable frequency motor in one minute -- a brief description of the characteristics and advantages of variable frequency motor

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the variable frequency motor can adjust the speed of the motor, and then realize the purpose of energy saving according to the load. the difference between it and ordinary motor is that it adds a strong cooling fan. moreover, the power of the fan comes from a separate power supply and cannot be led out from the main motor. the function of the forced cooling fan is to ensure the cooling of the motor at low speed.


in addition to energy saving and easy popularization and application, variable frequency speed regulation asynchronous motor has the advantage of soft start, so it is not necessary to assess the starting performance. the only key problem to be solved is to strengthen and improve the adaptability of the motor to non sine wave power supply.

characteristics of special variable frequency motor

class b temperature rise design, class f insulation manufacturing. the use of high polymer insulating materials, vacuum pressure impregnation manufacturing process and special insulation structure greatly improve the insulation withstand voltage and mechanical strength of the electrical winding, which is sufficient for the high-speed operation of the motor and the resistance to the high-frequency current impact of the frequency converter and the damage to the insulation caused by voltage.


the variable frequency motor has high balance quality, vibration level r, high machining precision of mechanical parts, and adopts special high-precision bearing, which can run at high speed.

the variable frequency motor adopts forced ventilation and heat dissipation system, and all adopt high-quality axial flow fans with ultra quiet, high service life and strong wind power. ensure the effective heat dissipation of the motor at any speed, and realize long-term operation at high speed or low speed.

compared with the traditional variable frequency motor, it has a wider speed regulation range and higher design quality. through the special magnetic field design, it further suppresses the high-order harmonic magnetic field to meet the design indexes of broadband, energy saving and low noise. it has the characteristics of wide range constant torque and power speed regulation, stable speed regulation and no torque ripple.

it has good parameter matching with all kinds of frequency converters. with vector control, it can realize zero speed full torque, low-frequency large torque and high-precision speed control, position control and fast dynamic response control.


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