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hengda motor is committed to the optimization scheme of high temperature resistant permanent magnet motor in printing and dyeing industry

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with the development of textile printing and dyeing machinery, higher requirements are put forward for the service conditions, performance and other indicators of the motor, especially the circulating fan of the printing and dyeing machinery. in the past, the hardness of the motor shaft, the high temperature resistance of the bearing and winding coil can not meet the requirements. when used in textile printing and dyeing machinery, the stability and reliability are very poor, winding burnout and bearing seizure often occur, which brings serious economic losses such as shutdown to users.

high temperature resistant and high efficiency motor is a new generation of high temperature resistant motor successfully developed by our company on the basis of 20 years of supporting with the printing and dyeing machinery industry and according to the requirements of users. it has a new appearance, adds oil injection and drainage holes on the front and rear covers, and adds an oil rejection structure in the inner cover to prevent grease from squeezing into the inner cavity of the motor during refueling. and the standard oil pipe is connected to the tail of the motor, so that the user can normally refuel the bearing without disassembling the motor. when the service environment is ≤ 55 ° c and the temperature of the outlet shaft, flange and other parts increases to 250 ° c, it can be directly connected with the circulating fan and work continuously. all bearings use special high-temperature resistant bearings. when the motor runs for about 1500 hours, it should be filled with tieba or 7017-1 high-temperature resistant grease to ensure its service life. all motor materials use class h insulating materials to prolong the mission of the motor and ensure the continuous production of printing and dyeing machinery industry.

since 2014, our company has developed and launched high-temperature permanent magnet motors. primary motors designed at different frequencies (1500 rpm) are available, and 1500 rpm motors designed at various frequencies such as 50hz (one frequency converter can drive two), 100hz and 200hz; it can not only effectively meet the poor working conditions of printing and dyeing machinery, but also improve the motor efficiency by 4 percentage points compared with asynchronous motors of the same specification, and the power saving rate can reach more than 6%. the motor efficiency exceeds iec60034-30 ie4 standard, which is efficient and energy-saving, and has been successfully used in the market so far. it has the characteristics of compact structure, reliable performance, convenience and durability.

rare earth permanent magnet motor has many advantages, but fear of oxidation and high temperature environment are also its obvious disadvantages. the company has adopted strict chemical stabilization process to ensure that its oxidation speed is extremely slow. the process practice has proved that the effect has been achieved. the company has taken a complete set of technical measures in terms of working temperature of permanent magnet.

hengda co., ltd. is a well-known equipment manufacturer supporting enterprises such as zhejiang licheng printing and dyeing machinery technology co., ltd., shaoyang textile machinery co., ltd., jiangsu xinyingyou machinery co., ltd., jiangsu hengjin printing and dyeing machinery co., ltd., lianyungang runian industrial co., ltd., yuanxin industry co., ltd.

the following is the outline of high temperature resistant permanent magnet synchronous motor implemented by our company for a long time:


grundfos die cast aluminum high temperature resistant motor


taixing die casting aluminum high temperature motor


cast iron high temperature motor


second generation cast iron (special die opening)


second generation cast iron (special die opening)