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"national anti fraud, you and me" henda anti fraud theme publicity activity

2021-11-24 10:30:10source:

in order to further improve the prevention awareness of enterprise employees on the crime of telecom network fraud, curb the high incidence and frequent trend of telecom network fraud from the source, and protect the "money bag" of enterprise employees. recently, wuxi hengda motor co., ltd. actively responded to the government's call, deeply carried out the national anti fraud work, and comprehensively carried out the publicity activity with the theme of "national anti fraud, you and me". to remind employees to identify fraud, avoid risks, further enhance employees' awareness of fraud prevention and maintain employees' property safety.


this publicity campaign has been carried out in all functional departments and workshops. at each publicity site, employees were organized to download the "national anti fraud center" app and test their anti fraud knowledge. through the combination of anti fraud and anti fraud publicity manual and explanation, they explained the knowledge and skills of anti fraud to employees and exposed the tricks of fraud crime.


at the same time, all departments also explained in detail the main means of recent fraud cases, how to deal with and deal with fraud in combination with the typical case videos of telecom network fraud recently. remind enterprise employees not to trust any winning information, and do not disclose their identity information, bank card password, etc. to strangers, especially do not remit or transfer money to strangers. in case of fraud, report to the public security organ in time.


for each henda employee, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1、we should put an end to the mentality of "pie falling from the sky". some people always have the idea of "winning big interests with small money", "taking advantage of small losses" or "waiting for a rabbit" and "getting rich overnight", which gives fraudsters an opportunity.

2、beware of professional fraud methods. swindlers are becoming more and more camouflaged. they use relevant technical means to pretend to be your leaders, colleagues or even family members or some other inductive language in line with your current psychology, which makes it difficult for the masses to identify tricks and are easy to be confused by crooked theories and heresies.

3、strengthen the learning of anti fraud knowledge. some people do not pay attention to, understand or pay attention to the common types of deception of telecom network fraud, and even know that they are deceived. they still want to fight again with the mentality of "knowing that there are tigers in the mountain and leaning towards the tiger mountain line". as a result, they are trapped deeper and deeper, and the amount of cheated is larger and larger. therefore, we should pay more attention to the relevant information to prevent telecom network fraud, and learn more about the relevant telecom fraud means. in case of fraud, remember to stop in time, call the police quickly, and provide the police with real and reliable relevant information.

for the "fraud prevention" publicity campaign, the general manager of our company said that next, we will strengthen the publicity of anti fraud and fraud prevention, so that every employee can strengthen the awareness of fraud prevention, listen, don't believe and don't transfer money, and protect the safety of personal property.