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hengda motor delivers ytdd series servo permanent magnet direct drive motor solution for wire drawing machine customers

2021-11-22 13:21:50source:

with high efficiency and energy saving becoming the development trend of the whole manufacturing industry, more and more manufacturing enterprise users have more efficient requirements for motors. at present, hengda motor has provided high-efficiency permanent magnet rare earth synchronous motor solutions for customers in textile, wire drawing, compressor, rubber and other industries. recently, hengda motor delivered ytdd series servo permanent magnet direct drive motor solutions to customers in the wire drawing industry in batches to meet the requirements of customers for energy conservation, environmental protection and harsh operating conditions.


in this project, hengda motor provides customers with customized and professional ytdd series servo permanent magnet direct drive motor scheme, which has been evaluated and identified by technical experts in the industry from structural design to sample trial production; the structure of the motor adopts water cooling mode, and the casing structure design considers the universality of the processing technology to realize the one knife through processing technology and ensure the processing accuracy of the motor casing; at the same time, the end cover parts adopt casting die opening to ensure the beauty, simplicity and consistency of appearance.


the technical team of hengda motor adopts professional finite element design and carries out the design of ytdd series servo permanent magnet direct drive motor in combination with the actual application conditions on the customer's site, which can meet the operation conditions with high service coefficient, s1 working system, high energy efficiency in the whole operation range from low frequency to high frequency, and comply with relevant certification. the project team communicated closely with the customer throughout the process and continuously fed back the project progress. under the witness of the customer, the prototype went through a series of strict type tests, and the test results were highly recognized by the customer.


this series of motors are widely used in direct feed wire drawing units, with high power density, obvious energy saving and consumption reduction; increase production capacity per unit area; no deceleration mechanism, direct drive, high reliability, low maintenance cost, intelligent control of the internet of things, etc. the characteristics of low speed and high torque of permanent magnet direct drive motor meet the needs of product transformation and upgrading in the wire drawing machine industry.


hengda ytdd series servo permanent magnet direct drive motor has a professional expert team to provide technical support and guidance in the whole process from customer demand understanding, design scheme provision, process quality control in motor production and manufacturing to after-sales service, so as to ensure the highest quality standard and lay a good foundation for customers to use the motor safely and reliably.