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how to distinguish between variable frequency motor and ordinary motor?

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how to distinguish between variable frequency motor and ordinary motor?

1. the variable frequency motor can be adjusted arbitrarily within its speed range without damaging the motor. most ordinary motors can only operate at rated voltage and power frequency 50hz. although ordinary motors can be used with frequency reduction or frequency increase, the range should not be too large, otherwise the motor will be heated or even burned. in practical application, in the energy-saving transformation of fans and pumps, frequency converters are often used to drive ordinary motors.

2. the heat dissipation system of ordinary motor is different from that of variable frequency motor. the cooling system of ordinary motor is closely related to the speed. in other words, if the speed of the motor is fast, the cooling system will work normally. if the motor speed is slow and the cooling effect is poor, but the fan of the variable frequency motor is powered by a separate power supply, this problem does not exist.

3. due to the use of inverter power supply, the motor can be started in non impulse current mode at very low frequency and voltage. various braking modes provided by the inverter can be used for rapid braking, which enhances the adaptability of the motor to frequent starting and braking.

4. can the variable frequency motor be started directly online? the answer is no, because the current carrying capacity of the winding conductor is not designed according to the direct starting and normal overload capacity. the direct starting current is too large and it is easy to burn the motor.