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2021 supplier conference of south pump division was successfully held | hengda motor won the title o

2021-03-15 10:39:20source:

with warm spring and beautiful weather, cicc environmental manufacturing division of the south issued an invitation to suppliers from all over the world to meet in renhe, hangzhou and hold the 2020 supplier conference with the theme of "sincere cooperation, hand in hand and win-win future". the meeting was mainly organized by the supply chain committee of nanfang pump co., ltd. and co organized by the four factories of nanfang pump co., ltd.

at about 12:00 on march 15, the supplier friends who attended the meeting came to the site one after another to sign in and take a group photo at the gate of the venue under the guidance of the members of the guidance group.  

shen qinwei, general manager of nanping pump business department, proposed the relationship between nanfang and suppliers. from the relationship between wal mart and suppliers, he realized the role of social responsibility that should be reached between enterprises and suppliers on enterprise growth, which is not only a requirement for suppliers, but also an opportunity and challenge for win-win cooperation between both sides. in the pump industry market, the domestic pump market has increased by about 5% year-on-year, the market capacity has reached nearly 300 billion, and there are more than 100 enterprises with a scale of more than 100 billion. the market competition has been carried out from the aspects of sales, technology r & d and supply chain. the follow-up development direction of the south is to develop from the direction of automation, intelligence and digitization, so as to achieve quality improvement, inventory safety the ability to resist risks was enhanced. improve the efficiency of industrial chain, enhance core competitiveness and strengthen talent development, so as to further develop in the market.

        the picture shows wuxi hengda motor co., ltd. as an excellent supplier. (march 15, 2021)
after president shen's speech, we also ushered in the supplier award ceremony for 2019-2020. more than 140 suppliers participated in the conference. after multiple rounds of screening, a group of excellent supplier partners were selected and won the "best support award", "best innovation award", "excellent supplier of the year" and "service merit award" respectively. it not only represents the friendship between nanfang and suppliers, but also affirms the work quality of suppliers. i hope to make persistent efforts and win-win cooperation in future cooperation.